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Fog Beginning to Clear on Aβ-Degrading Enzymes?

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-11 Research News There are two principal ways by which the Aβ accumulation seen in the brains of people with AD can occur. One-overproduction by β- and γ-secretases-has received far more attention than the other-insufficient clearance of the offending ...

Aβ Vaccination Roundup: So Far So Good

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-11 Research News On this second day of the conference, scientists gave an update on the current status of Aβ vaccination. Since researchers at Elan Pharmaceuticals in 1999 first demonstrated the basic principle to immunize against Aβ in the hope of clearing ...

Dopamine and α-Synuclein Are Found to Be Chemically Linked

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-09 Research News Both the protein α-synuclein, one of the major components of Lewy bodies, and the neurotransmitter dopamine have come under scrutiny as potential mediators of the neuronal loss in the substantia nigra that occurs in Parkinson's disease. ...

Axonal Transport Suggested as Function for APP

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-09 Research News A study in yesterday's Neuron suggests that Alzheimer's disease might be linked to a disruption of protein transport machinery in neurons. Shermali Gunawardena and Lawrence Goldstein at UC San Diego provide evidence to support the ...

Anti-inflammatory Drugs Side-Step COX Cascade to Target Aβ

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-08 Research News If anti-inflammatory drugs are, in fact, helping some patients counteract the neurodegeneration of Alzheimer's disease, the benefit may not come from the most obvious effects of those drugs. Eddie Koo and Sascha Weggen of the University ...

Neurons Need Cholesterol from Glia to Make Synapses

RESEARCH NEWS 2001-11-08 Research News Cholesterol and apolipoproteins in Alzheimer's disease have become a rapidly developing-and sometimes confusing-area of investigation, but most of it suggests that lowering cholesterol might slow disease progression. A paper in tomorrow ...

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