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Reining in Macrophages

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-30 Research News Macrophage activity is thought to play a key role in Alzheimer's and some other neurodegenerative diseases, such as ALS, as well as in autoimmune disorders. The mechanisms that regulate macrophages could, therefore, be an important ...

Lorenzo Refolo on Statins Reveal Role in Immune Response

COMMENT [I would like to note] that back in [August] 2000, we published a paper in Neurobiology of Disease (Refolo et al., 2000) demonstrating for the first time that cholesterol metabolism accelerates β-amyloid accumulation in a transgenic mouse model of AD. We ...

Statins Reveal Role in Immune Response

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-29 Research News Statins have recently appeared on the radar screen for Alzheimer's researchers because of studies by Ben Wolozin and his colleagues showing that people who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs have a significantly reduced risk of ...

Alzforum on Social Media

Other Social Media Keep up with the latest Alzforum news with our social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Twitter Get up-to-the minute news and webinar posts, plus announcements about things like grants, jobs, and conferences. Facebook ...

A Prion Associate Is Fingered

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-22 Research News The abnormal prion protein, but not the normal prion protein, binds with high affinity to plasminogen, a plasma component that has been linked to neurotoxicity, according to a report in the current Nature. Besides the obvious fact that this ...

David O. Norris on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT Yes, at least some consensus would be appreciated, especially for people new to this field. For example, at the recent Neuroscience meeting in New Orleans, people were hedging on the latter case (presenilin-1 or γ-secretase?) even to the extent of ...

David Teplow on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT There is nothing that upsets me faster than scientists using inappropriate and imprecise terminology and nomenclature. With respect to the Alzheimer's disease lexicon, the WHO and the International Nomenclature Committee on Amyloidosis have ALREADY ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: Immunization of Mice and Men

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2000-11-15 Conference Coverage What is the latest on the immunization of mice and men with Aβ? Will we be celebrating victory over Alzheimer’s disease in a few years (and looking for new jobs), or has the story been overrated? One would predict to see a number of ...

Society for Neurosci Ann Mtg: Passive Aβ Immunization Works in Mice

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2000-11-15 Conference Coverage A current working hypothesis in the field of AD research is that preventing the accumulation of Aß peptides will slow or prevent cognitive decline. Two main strategies for accomplishing this goal have been pursued in recent years. The ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: LRP: Guilt by Association

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2000-11-14 Conference Coverage One of the most daunting tasks facing attendees of this gigantic neuroscience data exchange (dare I say "flea market"?) is identifying signals in the noise (speaking both scientifically and literally). One approach is to sit ...

Molecular Clue to Alzheimer's Mystery Found

RESEARCH NEWS 2000-11-13 Research News In today's Journal of Cell Biology, researchers of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI) report that a molecule called ubiquilin regulates levels of presenilins, and is "highly expressed" in human neurons ...

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting: The Ghost of D’Arcy Thompson

CONFERENCE COVERAGE 2000-11-10 Conference Coverage What do ßamyloid, buckyballs, and dark matter have in common? They were all mentioned in an intriguing presentation by Dr. Westlind-Danielsson (AstraZeneca, Abstract 299.2) on the formation of spheroidal "supramolecular structures ...

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