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Brandon Holmes on Could Contaminated Scalpels Seed Amyloidosis?

COMMENT Lauwers and colleagues present a helpful synopsis of the potential risk of human transmission of β-amyloid pathology by contaminated neurosurgical equipment and blood transfusions. The authors point out that the current evidence to support iatrogenic ...

Leslie Norins on Could Contaminated Scalpels Seed Amyloidosis?

COMMENT How strange that researchers focus on the patients, who get one brain operation each. Largely ignored is a possible risk to neurosurgeons, who all day are exposed to brain after brain, accompanied by glove nicks, sharps penetrations, and cautery smoke ...

Postdoctoral Fellow (three opportunities)

JOB 2020-09-21 Employer UCSF Memory and Aging Center Contact Informal inquiries are welcome. Please submit a cover letter, CV, and three letters of recommendation to Nina Djukic ( For more information, please review the MAC website (http://memory ...

Mara Aspinall

Arizona State University / BlueStone Ventures
Tucson, United States

Stéphane Haïk on Could Contaminated Scalpels Seed Amyloidosis?

COMMENT As underlined in this paper, to date, the risk of transmission associated with Aβ pathology during neurosurgery remains uncertain. Data are limited and inconclusive. In my opinion, they are by far insufficient to delay or forgo any necessary neurosurgery ...

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