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Tau Natively Unstructured? Not Always, New Study Says

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-17 Research News Researchers for years thought that tau was a natively unstructured protein. Then how in the world do its supposedly disordered monomers give rise to the orderly stacks of tau molecules seen in tau fibrils? Using chemical cross-linkers to ...

In Tauopathy, ApoE Destroys Neurons Via Microglia

RESEARCH NEWS 2019-10-17 Research News ApoE4 delivers a blow to neurons in mouse models of tauopathy but, according to a paper published October 10 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, it only does so if mice have their microglia. Researchers led by David Holtzman at ...


THERAPEUTICS AstraZeneca Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Immunotherapy (passive) alpha-synuclein In October 2017, Astra Zeneca began a Phase 1 single-ascending-dose study in 48 healthy volunteers age 18 to 65. Each volunteer receives a one-hour intravenous infusion of ...

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