Bruce Yankner on There’s Something FISHy About Aβ Toxicity

COMMENT This paper provides insight into a potentially novel mechanism of Aβ toxicity. The authors start by looking for proteins in which phosphorylation is induced by toxic levels of Aβ in human cortical cultures. They identify the FISH (for Five SH3 domains) ...

Bruce Yankner on Wholesale Protein Changes with Age

COMMENT This paper describes a new bioinformatics method for comparing gene expression patterns across species by comparing the results of diverse DNA microarray experiments. The authors exemplify the power of this approach by analyzing gene expression changes ...

Bruce Yankner on Dopamine Renders α-Synuclein Toxic to Neurons

COMMENT Reply by Bruce Yankner The paper by Perez et al. is quite interesting because it suggests that α-synuclein can downregulate tyrosine hydroxylase activity in a stably transfected dopaminergic cell line. However, this is a cell line that has been selected ...

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