Benjamin Wolozin on Widely Used Tau Seeding Assay Challenged

COMMENT Understanding mechanisms of tau aggregation continues to be an important avenue of ongoing research. A challenge we all face in modeling tau aggregation as it occurs in AD and ADRD is that the milieu of the neuron is much more complicated than that ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Islands of Tau Coat and Protect Cytoskeleton

COMMENT These papers by Siahaan et al. and Tan et al. add to a growing body of work emphasizing the importance of phase separation in biology, and the specific importance of this work in tau biology. Previous work by the Hyman laboratory demonstrated the ...

Benjamin Wolozin on Tau Hooks Up with RNA to Form Droplets

COMMENT This work, from the laboratories of Ken Kosik and Songi Han, provides important new insight into the biology of tau protein. The manuscript builds on a growing body of work that is revolutionizing our knowledge of how proteins in the cell interact. For a ...

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