Li-Huei Tsai on Does Synchronizing Brain Waves Bring Harmony?

COMMENT Many thanks for putting together such a comprehensive review of GENUS work reported at ADPD. I’d like to add that three additional groups have independently replicated our preclinical data on GENUS. Park et. al. sought to determine whether treadmill ...

Li-Huei Tsai on Could Getting Enough REST Extend Your Life?

COMMENT The need to understand drivers of healthy aging is critically important for today’s society, one that invests heavily in promoting longevity but continues to be burdened by age-associated impairments. In their recent paper, Zullo, Drake, and colleagues ...

Li-Huei Tsai on C9ORF72 Throws a Wrench into DNA Repair Machinery

COMMENT This study is consistent with our previous work on the relationship of accumulation of DNA damage and neurodegeneration. In our paper published in 2013 in Nature Neuroscience (Wang et al.), we showed that the familial ALS gene product, FUS, a DNA/RNA ...

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