Li-Huei Tsai on C9ORF72 Throws a Wrench into DNA Repair Machinery

COMMENT This study is consistent with our previous work on the relationship of accumulation of DNA damage and neurodegeneration. In our paper published in 2013 in Nature Neuroscience (Wang et al.), we showed that the familial ALS gene product, FUS, a DNA/RNA ...

Li-Huei Tsai on Aging and gene expression in the primate brain.

COMMENT This study provides more extensive and comprehensive analysis on the gene expression profile in human brains during aging. The authors show interesting data indicating that cerebellum ages less than cortex and that chimp cortex ages differently. The ...

Li-Huei Tsai on No Toxicity in Tau’s Tangles?

COMMENT In this study, SantaCruz and colleagues have created an inducible mutant tau transgenic model, and observed the neuropathological consequences of strategically turning on and off tau expression for set periods. Profound forebrain neurodegeneration and ...

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