Taisuke Tomita on γ-Secretase Revealed in Atomic Glory

COMMENT This paper by Drs. Scheres, Shi, and colleagues represents a milestone in research on the structural biology of γ-secretase. They have utilized an impressive array of methodologies that took tremendous effort. This study provides several molecular ...

Taisuke Tomita on New Role For PICALM: Flushing Aβ From the Brain

COMMENT CALM/PICALM is one of the most abundant clathrin adaptors in endocytic clathrin-coated vesicles and regulates the endocytic process at presynaptic active zones of neurons (Blondeau et al., 2004; Koo et al., 2011). Regarding the pathological aspect of ...

Taisuke Tomita on First Crystal Structure of a Presenilin

COMMENT By Taisuke Tomita and Takeshi Iwatsubo Li and colleagues have provided the first crystal structure of an archaeal presenilin protein. As the authors mentioned, despite extensive years of efforts on eukaryotic presenilins, the crystal structure of PS has ...

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