Leon Thal on Pilot Study Shows Promise of Passive Immunotherapy

COMMENT The work by Norman Relkin is an intriguing approach to passive immunotherapy. IVIG has been safely administered to thousands of patients and has a good safety record. It is readily available and FDA-approved for other indications. The study presented is ...

Leon Thal on Pilot Study Suggests Clioquinol Benefits AD Patients

COMMENT This study is interesting and provocative. Having said that: 1. the sample size is very small; 2. the main effect on the ADAS-cog was nonsignificant; 3. the effect in the group with more severe AD may be driven by only a few subjects since the group had ...

Leon Thal on Trials and Tribulations: Does ADAPT Have to Adapt?

COMMENT The addition of a third arm with ibuprofen is a consideration. It would be logistically difficult but possible to do. The real question is does ibuprofen make any more sense than naproxen since tolerated doses over five years may well be too low to block ...

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