Akihiko Takashima on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT How Might Presenilin-1 (PS1) Mutations Induce Early Onset Alzheimer Disease? Shen and Kelleher have suggested that presenilin dysfunction can cause AD phenotypes, because they found that presenilin double knockout mice exhibited synaptic dysfunction, tau ...

Akihiko Takashima on Mutant Tau Sharpens Wits of Young Mice

COMMENT Boekhoorn and colleagues indicated that their P301L tau transgenic mice showed higher LTP and memory performance when they are young—before NFTs and hyperphosphorylation have occurred yet. But Mandelkow’s group found that tau overexpression inhibits the ...

Akihiko Takashima on No Toxicity in Tau’s Tangles?

COMMENT SantaCruz and colleagues manipulated transgenic tau levels using the tet-off system. Their results indicate that NFT accumulation is not sufficient to cause neuronal death and cognitive decline. This result was a bit of a surprise, because NFT formation ...

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