Massimo Stefani on Spine Shrinkers: Aβ Oligomers Caught in the Act

COMMENT This is a very important paper illustrating for the first time at high resolution the relation between Abeta oligomers and the condition of dendritic spines in a highly significant animal model of AD. Obviously, several points remain to be addressed, for ...

Massimo Stefani on Calcium in AD Pathogenesis

COMMENT Several recently appeared papers on the AD-Ca2+ relation have undoubtedly shown that the issue has come to ripeness. The data showing a significant increase of free Ca2+ inside neurons close to amyloid plaques, coupled with neuronal degeneration and ...

Massimo Stefani on Presenilins Open Escape Hatch for ER Calcium

COMMENT The work by Bezprozvanny and colleagues undoubtedly adds considerably new information about the physiological function of presenilins as well as on their possible roles in AD pathogenesis at the molecular level. These data also add knowledge on the ...

Massimo Stefani on Differential Neuronal Vulnerability

COMMENT The theme of the differential susceptibility of different cell types to toxic amyloid aggregates is of outstanding importance. We have recently carried out research where we investigated the different impairment of cell viability in a wide panel of ...

Massimo Stefani on Aβ—Pinning Down Protofibrils

COMMENT Indeed, since some time I have been thinking about the need to search for protofibril stabilizers, i.e., substances, possibly but not necessarily amphipathic, able to interact with early oligomers of misfolded proteins or peptides by masking their exposed ...

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