Tara Spires-Jones on Mouse Brain Mapped in 3D, at High Resolution

COMMENT This three-dimensional reference atlas is a true tour de force that will be hugely useful for the neuroscience community and for AD researchers working with mouse models on a C57Bl6/J background. One example is the detailed projection data will be very ...

Tara Spires-Jones on Do Tribes of Astrocytes Wage War on Synapses?

COMMENT The finding by Miller et al. that a subset of mouse cortical astrocytes secrete Norrin, which is important for dendritic spine integrity, is very interesting. Synapse loss is the strongest pathological correlate of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease ...

Tara Spires-Jones on Tau (Alz50)

COMMENT This antibody recognizes a folded conformation of tau containing amino acids 2-10 and 312-342. We have used it successfully to detect misfolded tau in mouse models of tauopathy using array tomography, a relatively new imaging technique (Kopeikina et al., ...

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