Larry Sparks on Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published

COMMENT I must start by saying that it is quite gratifying that there has been such interest in our clinical trial (AD Cholesterol-Lowering Treatment—ADCLT trial; the Lipitor trial) (1). As the very first AD treatment trial testing a statin medication for ...

Larry Sparks on Statins Reduce Brain Cholesterol Metabolite

COMMENT This study provides much food for thought and further investigation, though I think the interpretations of the results are a bit narrow. They are predicated on several debatable premises, for example, that the cholesterol pool in the brain is essentially ...

Larry Sparks on Vitamin E: More Than an Antioxidant?

COMMENT Inflammation, free radicals, and cytokines are involved in a vascular cascade producing the transformation of macrophages into foam cells between the endothelial cell layer and the basement membrane of a blood vessel leading to formation of an ...

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