Beka Solomon on Immunotherapy Update: Toward Patches and Creams

COMMENT The skin is a well-established effective route for vaccination. The authors evaluate the efficacy of transcutaneous immunization of PSAPP Tg mice in reducing cerebral amyloidosis using aggregated Aβ1-42 plus cholera toxin. Reduction in cerebral ...

Beka Solomon on Primate Model Promising for Studying Aβ Vaccine

COMMENT This paper deals with immunization of healthy old monkeys with fibrillar Aβ42. These animals showed age-related cerebral amyloidosis but no Alzheimer's disease pathology (1) like plaques and gliosis. I wonder if vaccination of healthy old monkeys ...

Beka Solomon on The Alzheimer's Vaccination Story, Continued

COMMENT The McLaurin et al. paper confirmed our findings that the key sequence for dissolving as well as preventing β-amyloid aggregates is the peptide 3-6 at the N-terminal of Aβ. I presented this at the 2000 International Alzheimer's Conference in ...

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