Joy Snider on Aducanumab Approved to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

COMMENT These are exciting and stressful times in Alzheimer's research, and for those who care for patients with the disease. We are excited to have a new treatment after 18+ years, and to have the first treatment that may modify underlying disease processes ...

Joy Snider on Rapidly progressive Alzheimer disease.

COMMENT This is a very interesting paper. It raises important questions about the heterogeneity of Alzheimer’s disease and the possible role of biomarkers in understanding the disease process. The cohort studied here, derived from a national prion disease ...

Joy Snider on APP Double Dose Causes Early Onset AD

COMMENT This study by Rovelet-Lecrux et al. is interesting in several aspects: It points out that gene duplication may be a more common cause of early onset familial Alzheimer disease than previously suspected, and it highlights the coexistence of two forms of ...

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