Yong Shen on Prion Protein Keeps β-secretase in Check

COMMENT This is a very interesting work. It has been shown that the most common misdiagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is Alzheimer disease (1). The symptoms and pathology of both diseases overlap (2). There can be spongy changes in Alzheimer disease ...

Yong Shen on DJ-1 Dances with Daxx to Keep Neurons Spry

COMMENT The recent finding from Junn and the Mouradian group on DJ-1 interacting with Daxx is very interesting. First, by using the two hybridization system, Junn et al. found that DJ-1 can bind Daxx, which is a component of the Fas death receptor signal ...

Yong Shen on New Lease on Life for Adult Stem Cells

COMMENT The findings of Hochedlinger et al. provide an important advance in our understanding of the contribution of the POU-domain transcription factor, Oct-4, to stem cells and their differentiation in mammals. Their data strongly suggest that ectopic ...

Yong Shen on Cell Death: Time to Push It Out of the Doldrums

COMMENT Reply to Paul Coleman by Yong Shen Paul Coleman raised a good point in arguing against neuronal death as the major contributor to clinical symptoms. My understanding is that the "clinical symptoms" mainly means "cognition, or learning and ...

Yong Shen on Cell Death: Time to Push It Out of the Doldrums

COMMENT Reply by Yong Shen I am glad Steve Barger brought up the controversy on whether ND-κB causes or counteracts apoptosis. This question in itself is interesting enough to attract more rigorous approaches for definitive study. Most of the studies that found ...

Yong Shen on Cell Death: Time to Push It Out of the Doldrums

COMMENT I agree with Troy that there may be different routes of anti-apoptotic mechanisms and neuronal apoptosis. The recent studies on caspase-mediated cleavage of MAP or tau are quite interesting. Troy, do you think this would be a normal physiological process ...

Yong Shen on How Much Aβ is Enough?

COMMENT This is an interesting study. Suo et al. propose a concept of "threshold" of Aβ in AD brain. There have been extensive studies on Aβ loads and correlation of cognitive decline. It is now clear that when so-called "subthreshold" levels ...

Yong Shen on BACE Above Base in Alzheimer’s Patients

COMMENT This manuscript is very similar to ours, which we submitted to a major journal, where it has been held for more than 9 months! Anyway, the results are very interesting. They are consistent with and support our recent discovery made in collaboration with ...

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