Takaomi Saido on Striking Microgliosis in New APP Knock-in Mice

COMMENT The new knock-in mice described by Xia and colleagues carry Swedish (NL), Arctic (G) and Austrian (I) mutations (NL-G-I mice) are conceptually identical to our mice that carry Swedish, Arctic, and Beyreuther/Iberian (F) mutations (NL-G-F mice) (Saito et ...

Takaomi Saido on Closing in on a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s?

COMMENT This is a well-planned, impressive study that relates brain Aβ amyloidosis with plasma Abeta and related peptide parameters. The methods used, IP-MS, are relatively simple, so there are going to be additional studies that try to confirm the observations ...

Takaomi Saido on There’s No Tomorrow for TOMMORROW

COMMENT The results are not surprising because TOMM40 is not a major risk factor of AD. Takeda has made a simple mistake in R&D management (see You et al., 2017).  saido 0 APOE ε4-TOMM40 '523 haplotypes and the risk of Alzheimer's disease in older ...

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