Joel Ross on Acetylated Tau Mucks Up Memories

COMMENT Finding acetylated tau at K-174 or 274 or 280 and/or at 281 in the CSF of AD patients versus control subjects free of cognitive issues will add more credence to the theory that acetylated tau is the missing link. If one can find such acetylated tau (which ...

Joel Ross on Neuroinflammation—A Prelude to Alzheimer's?

COMMENT The potential benefit of using an NSAID or NSAID-like compound will be best seen when testing those high-risk/genetically enriched young asymptomatic subjects, such as ApoE4 homozygotes/heterozygotes in a clinical trial. Before cognitive symptoms are ...

Joel Ross on The AD8—Dementia Screen Ready for Prime Time?

COMMENT As a geriatrician practicing for over 25 years, I have yet to see or administer a "patient-friendly" screening tool that has been well accepted by patients in my practice. If this new tool, the AD8, indeed proves reliable, accurate, reproducible ...

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