Walter A. Rocca on Dementia Risk Ticks Up Near Major Roadways

COMMENT The paper reports the findings of a study conducted in Ontario, Canada, using linkage techniques across multiple databases. The study was possible because of the unique availability of routinely collected medical and environmental data for millions of ...

Walter A. Rocca on U.S. Dementia Rates Fall

COMMENT This study adds to the wave of evidence suggesting a decline in the risk of dementia in high-income countries in the past 25 years. This new study is important because it is based on a nationally representative sample from the United States. We had two ...

Walter A. Rocca on A Rising Tide of Parkinson’s?

COMMENT We agree that new data should be collected about occupational exposures of the patients with incident Parkinson’ disease (PD) in our population. The study could be designed as a case-control study comparing patients with PD to age and sex-matched controls ...

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