Mary Reid on Aging and Aβ Hit Mitochondria Function

COMMENT It's interesting that TFAM can prevent age-dependent memory impairment and loss of neuronal function when overexpressed in transgenic mice. Telmisartan increases expression of TFAM and MTOC1 and has been found to prevent cognitive decline following ...

Mary Reid on Stress and AD—Taking a Toll on Tau

COMMENT Sawchenko reports that tau phosphorylation is abrogated in the absence of CRFR1. Bale and colleagues report reduced ACTH in CRFR1-deficient mice; therefore, I find it interesting that Nasman and colleagues report a blunted ACTH response to CRF in AD (1,2) ...

Mary Reid on Aβ—Three Places, Three Ways of Wreaking Havoc

COMMENT The study by Biswas and colleagues supporting the role of miscreant cell cycle proteins in Aβ toxicity is interesting. Dysregulation of the cell cycle would seem to be a significant factor in AD. PIN1, which is downregulated by oxidation in AD neurons and ...

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