Hemachandra Reddy on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT We need to discuss the role of Dimebon in protecting neurons in AD patients. We also need to focus on molecules that decrease calcium levels, and molecules that inhibit mitochondrial permeability transition pore opening. reddyh 0 ...

Hemachandra Reddy on Novel Aβ Protease Found in Mitochondria

COMMENT This JBC paper by Falkevall and colleagues supports the hypothesis that Aβ enters mitochondria, induces free radicals, and causes oxidative damage early in the progression of Alzheimer disease (Falkevall et al., 2006; Caspersen et al., 2005; Manczak et al ...

Hemachandra Reddy on Coaxing Longevity from Catalase

COMMENT The work by Schriner and colleagues is an important advance in understanding the free radical theory of aging and its implications for healthy aging and longevity. These investigators created transgenic mice that overexpress human catalase localized to ...

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