Jacob Raber on Not All Bad? APOE4 Sharpens Memory in Older People

COMMENT In this important study, Lu et al. assessed differential effects of APOE4 and PET-quantified Aβ pathology on visual working memory. In 398 cognitive healthy elderly (69-71 years of age and part of the U.K. 1946 Birth Cohort), carrying E4 predicted better ...

Jacob Raber on How Does COVID-19 Affect the Brain?

COMMENT Our findings show that the SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein S1, which is required for cellular uptake of virus, can enter the mouse brain following intravenous or intranasal administration. This might relate to the fact that people with COVID-19 are often ...

Jacob Raber on Human ApoE Antibody Nips Mouse Amyloid in the Bud

COMMENT As shown by Bales et al. in 1999, ApoE is critical for amyloid deposition; in APP(V717F) transgenic mice on a murine ApoE knockout background, the amount of Aβ40 and Aβ42 immunoreactive deposits and astrogliosis and microgliosis is markedly reduced. ...

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