Steven Paul on CTAD: Solanezumab Seen to Nudge AD Ever so Slightly

COMMENT The choice of dose requires both a dose-ranging safety assessment (done with both single and multiple doses in Phase 1) and some reasonably definitive measure of efficacy (usually accomplished by dose-ranging studies in Phase 2, and not usually done in ...

Steven Paul on Antibodies Boost Microglial Appetite for Tau

COMMENT Thanks to Jessica Shugart for writing a nice summary of our paper and for Martin Citron's thoughtful comments. I'd like to underscore that we are not stating that anti-tau monoclonal antibodies work to reduce tau pathology by an effector ...

Paul Stevens on Mitoenergetic failure in Alzheimer disease.

COMMENT Excellent summary of current knowledge. As to the initiating factors, I believe there is evidence for an entero-hepatic-immunological axis as the major generator of both nitrosative/oxidative stress and mitoenergetic stress in peripheral tissues, which ...

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