Jeffrey L. Noebels on Hippocampal Storms Leave Lasting Marks

COMMENT Chronic hippocampal seizures impair cognition, an all-too-common biological comorbidity of temporal lobe epilepsy. What can be done? In the face of irreversible hippocampal cell loss followed by extensive structural rearrangements due to axonal sprouting, ...

Jeffrey L. Noebels on Childhood Epilepsy Begets Adult Amyloid

COMMENT This study focuses on the blurry borderland of epilepsy and brain amyloid deposition that emerged even before Alzheimer’s description of Auguste D. (Alzheimer 1907), since the plaques he described with great clarity in 1907 had been first noted by Blocq ...

Jeffrey L. Noebels on Stem Cells Treat Epileptic Symptoms in Mice

COMMENT Loss of synaptic inhibition is a well-established cause of seizures, and this new study supports previous work from this laboratory showing that transplanted interneuronal precursors can become active participants in a hyperexcitable circuit and silence ...

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