Ralph Nixon on Dual Secretase Approach Shows Promise in AD Mice

COMMENT The partial inhibition of both secretases is quite interesting, and the results could easily be viewed as implicating βCTF as well as Aβ in pathology. In addition to the mechanism Chow et al. propose of additive/synergistic effects on Aβ lowering, our ...

Ralph Nixon on Research Brief: Calpain Inhibitor All Wrapped Up

COMMENT The relationship between calpain and its endogenous inhibitor protein calpastatin in Alzheimer disease (AD) has been explored in a study in this week’s Journal of Neuroscience (Rao et al., 2008). The study shows that neuronal calpastatin becomes markedly ...

Ralph Nixon on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT Although preventative and disease-modifying neurological treatments for AD are unquestionably a high-priority goal, considerably more attention also needs to be directed urgently toward developing more effective treatments for the behavioral symptoms ...

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