Peter Nelson on Distinct Cognitive Fates in the Very Old

COMMENT Zhao and colleagues studied neurocognitive outcomes over ~12 years for 175 persons stratified by baseline PiB-PET (Aβ) status and structural MRI (operationalized by hippocampal volume, HV). The research participants were a subgroup of the Ginkgo ...

Peter Nelson on PART is part of Alzheimer disease.

COMMENT Duyckaerts et al. raise a number of questions. A comprehensive commentary on this paper from a large group of coauthors, including myself, is currently under review at Acta Neuropathologica. For now, speaking only for myself, and leaving aside ...

Peter Nelson on MicroRNAs—Oligarchs of Oligodendrocyte Fate

COMMENT These papers contain nice work. Since the work comes “in stereo” in a great journal, it seems all the more significant. It's rare but not unprecedented to see such similar cutting-edge research from two excellent labs. I think these data are ...

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