John Morris on Aducanumab Approved to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

COMMENT Although I would have requested more assurance of efficacy before approval, the FDA’s decision now brings us a heretofore seemingly unattainable opportunity: a disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer's dementia that benefits patients. The journey to ...

John Morris on A Tribute to Robert Katzman

COMMENT When I entered the Alzheimer's research field in 1984, Robert Katzman already was legendary. Early on he foresaw, perhaps as no one else did, the coming epidemic of Alzheimer's, labeling it as a "major killer" in his 1976 landmark ...

John Morris on AD Diagnosis: Time for Biomarkers to Weigh In?

COMMENT The authors are to be congratulated on this paper! It is very timely, the call to incorporate a biological footprint in diagnosis is appropriate, and the elimination of MCI to AD as a binary outcome is most welcome. However, from my perspective, the ...

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