Pat McGeer on Upping Brain ApoE, Drug Treats Alzheimer's Mice

COMMENT The report by Cramer et al. is potentially exciting because it offers a plausible explanation as to why ApoE4 should be a risk factor for AD, and more importantly suggests that bexarotene, an off-the-shelf retinoid X receptor agonist, may prove to be an ...

Pat McGeer on Dangerous Liaisons—Tau and Aβ, Together at Last?

COMMENT Reply by Pat McGeer to commentary above John Trojanowski, Juergen Goetz, Gerd Multhaup, Massimo Tabaton, and Nikolaos Robakis have each made thoughtful and pertinent comments about our paper. Our demonstration of a strong interaction between Aβ and tau is ...

Pat McGeer on Glia—Pictures from an Exposition

COMMENT Nimmerjahn et al. have used the two-photon imaging technique to demonstrate the dynamic action of microglial cells in vivo. They were provided with a green fluorescent microglia cell line by S. Jung and D.R. Littman. In their elegantly illustrated paper, ...

Pat McGeer on Orlando Conference: The Chicken and the Egg

COMMENT Tan et al. have created doubly transgenic mice which overexpress APP(sw) and are deficient in CD40 ligand (CD40L). They find that these doubly transgenic mice have a greatly reduced burden of amyloid deposits compared to the singly transgenic APP mice. ...

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