Mark Mattson on Do Microglia in the Hypothalamus Drive Aging?

COMMENT A Hypothalamus-Centric Inflammation-Mediated View of Aging. What About Energy Metabolism? Zhang et al. (1) report three remarkable findings that transcend the fields of aging, neuroscience, and immunology. First, by selectively manipulating the activation ...

Mark Mattson on Coaxing Longevity from Catalase

COMMENT The findings of Schriner et al. provide an important advance in understanding the contributions of metabolism of reactive oxygen species to aging and lifespan in mammals. Their data strongly suggest that production of hydrogen peroxide in mitochondria is ...

Mark Mattson on A Little BDNF May Help Your Canary Sing

COMMENT The discoveries that neurons that mediate birdsong in canaries are replaced by new neurons produced from stem cells, and that this turnover of the neurons is regulated by testosterone in a seasonal manner, have provided important insight into the control ...

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