Colin Masters on Deep Blue for Aβ Blood Test?

COMMENT These data add to growing the evidence base that there are signals in plasma (and possibly in cellular blood elements) which are informative on the state of Aβ accumulation in the central nervous system. The technologies used in this report include the ...

Colin Masters on Copper to the Rescue in ALS Mice

COMMENT Overall, results in the CCS/SOD mice look very promising, and are consistent with other experimental data that support the concept that altering copper levels in the CNS might have some therapeutic benefits in specific conditions. This could also include ...

Colin Masters on PBT2 Takes a Dive in Phase 2 Alzheimer’s Trial

COMMENT The IMAGINE study conducted by Prana Biotechnology was a small (n=42) exploratory trial supported by a grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to see if the novel 8-OH quinoline (PBT2) would have an effect on Aβ-amyloid burden as reported by ...

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