George Martin on The Rodent in Old Age

COMMENT I thank Amber Dance for this nice story on these two important recent publications. I would certainly agree with my friend George Perry that oxidative stress cannot be the SOLE cause of biological aging. Aging is clearly multifactorial. An important role ...

George Martin on A Tribute to Robert Katzman

COMMENT I have served on advisory panels and site visit teams since the work now being carried out by the NIA was part of the mission of the Adult Aging Branch of the NICHD. I am most proud of the small role I played in supporting the pioneering work of Bob ...

George Martin on Homing in on intracellular Abeta?

COMMENT This is a thoughtful commentary on the important paper from the UC-Irvine group, published in the same issue of Neuron, which provides evidence for an early impact of intraneural A beta upon cognition in the LaFerla triple mutant model of AD. I agree that ...

George Martin on Wnt/beta-catenin pathway.

COMMENT This is a good opportunity for those of you who have not engaged with the Connections Maps of STKE Science of Aging Knowledge Environment to check out the WNT pathway. (Try the simplifed animated teaching version!) Randy Moon, a world expert on this ...

George Martin on For Better Memory, Try Keeping Your HAT On…

COMMENT Tom Fagan has done a very nice job of calling our attention to these exceptionally important and concordant sets of results supporting Robin Holliday's original proposal for a role for epigenetic modifications in long- term memory (Holliday, 1999). ...

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