Jacob Mack on Deactivation Flaws Predict Memory Troubles

COMMENT These findings seem consistent with how the neurons of various brain loci communicate. The parietal lobe has been found in recent studies utilizing PET-PIB scans to be a prominent figure in early effects of amyloid deposition and shows high correlation ...

Jacob Mack on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT It would seem reasonable to extrapolate from the current data that loss of appropriate protein function is due to partial loss of, or change of, intermediate RNA editing instructions due to genetic mutation. More than one gene is affected in this case of ...

Jacob Mack on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT I wholeheartedly agree with Ilya Bezprozvanny. Calcium leakage is an important consequence of presenilin activity. Those ion channels cannot be overlooked, their structure and function are of direct mechanistic importance as important catalysts of actual ...

Jacob Mack on Total Recall—Age, Genetic Variation, and Memory

COMMENT If G protein-linked glutamate receptors are an important component through neural cell excitation, and transpositioning of said receptors is an important finding (such as in cerebellar ataxia), then a cognitive behavioral approach in conjunction with ...

Jacob Mack on Ataxia—Rare Spectrin Mutations and a Rarer Pedigree

COMMENT I highly reccomend these primary papers. Finally some truly relevant research in a more direct and powerful manner. Gluatamate receptor transpositioning and lack of proper activity in cerebellar structures is crucial to proper motor functions and it turns ...

Jacob Mack on Tracing Alzheimer Disease Back to Source

COMMENT It would certainly make sense if the medial temporal lobe is affected early and perhaps most agressively by AD, as the early clinical symptoms seems to suggest. Molecular studies also indicate that enzymatic activity is changed profoundly initially in ...

Jacob Mack on A Homeo Run for the Vascular Hypothesis?

COMMENT This hypothesis is old and dead. Of course hypoperfusion can increase the risk of AD, but is not shown to be strongly causative, or necessary, in amyloidosis of either the brain or other organs. Reduced blood supply to the carotid artery can, in some ...

Jacob Mack on Nicastrin—A DAPper Role in γ-Secretase

COMMENT I find this article very informative, however, it is merely educational. While I find it interesting, it is not by finding every molecular binding site and protein involved in AD pathogenesis that we will get us closer to a cure. I love molecular and ...

Jacob Mack on Stem Cells: New Ways to Make Them Branch Out

COMMENT I think the new applications utilizing D15A looks very promising, but the nanotechnolgy has more broad-based, long-term implications. Showing no toxicity is an amazing leap forward as usually nanotech experiments show similar effects to silicosis. Perhaps ...

Jacob Mack on Amyloid-β—On or off the Wall?

COMMENT I believe the bystander effect is heavily implicated here and anyone familiar with comments on alzforum know that although autoimmunity and BBB leakage are important aspects in AD I still hold firmly to the belief that amyloid beta is an important ...

Jacob Mack on Statins and AD—What Role Isoprenoids?

COMMENT I find this paper encouraging to research in the area of statins and effects on various esters, their constituents and other biochmeical markers in Alzheimers. I am curious, though, how we may be able to maximize isoprenoid activity, lower cholesterol, ...

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