Chris Link on Mapping Protein Networks in the Roundworm

COMMENT Although this paper represents a tremendous amount of work, it is not as strong a study as the similar one conduced recently in the fruit fly (Giot et al., 2003). Li et al. used only about one-fifth the number of bait targets as used in the fly work, so ...

Chris Link on Human Tau Is No Help to Worms

COMMENT Kraemer and colleagues have established a new animal model for the study of tau pathology: transgenic C. elegans nematode worms expressing normal and mutant human tau. These researchers find that transgenic worms with neuronal expression of human tau have ...

Chris Link on Behold the Power of Cheese

COMMENT The demonstration by Finley et al that loss of function of the blue cheese (bchs) gene in Drosophila leads to adult-stage neurodegeneration may be a very important finding, with implications for a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer& ...

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