Dezhi Liao on Astrocytes Are Just Dying to Spread Tau

COMMENT In the classical amyloid hypothesis, pathogenic Aβ species impair brain functions and structures through tau hyperphosphorylation and oligomerization. In this interesting paper, the authors instead propose a novel hypothesis that tau oligomers induce ...

Dezhi Liao on Anti-Tau Strategy PACs a Punch

COMMENT Under physiological conditions, the microtubule-associated protein tau is enriched in axons but mostly devoid in postsynaptic structures such as the soma and dendrites, leading to a polarized cellular distribution of tau. One common mechanism underlying ...

Dezhi Liao on With Tau in Synapses, NO Neurovascular Coupling

COMMENT In this elegant paper, the authors demonstrated for the first time that the P301L/S mutation in tau attenuated the activity-dependent increase in blood flow to the brain. It is widely believed that cerebrovascular dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) ...

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