Gary Landreth on Human ApoE Antibody Nips Mouse Amyloid in the Bud

COMMENT Liao et al. have reported that antibodies directed at human ApoE isoforms can reduce amyloid plaque burden in a mouse model of AD expressing human ApoE4. This study, like its predecessors from the Holtzman lab, derives from the recognition that plaques in ...

Gary Landreth on Wiping Out Microglia Prevents Neuritic Plaques

COMMENT The authors present an intriguing study that highlights the interplay between microglia and neurons in the progression of amyloid pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Although others have demonstrated that early intervention with CSF1R ...

Gary Landreth on Does Soluble TREM2 Rile Up Microglia?

COMMENT Zhong et al. report that soluble forms of TREM2 are able to elicit a robust proinflammatory response and promote survival in primary microglia. These findings provide a completely novel take on the biological roles of soluble TREM2. Previous work has ...

Gary Landreth on PTEN Makes Aβ Depressingly Toxic

COMMENT This is an interesting and thorough study, whose experimental outcomes are pretty clear. One question one could ask is why chronic treatment with the PTEN inhibitor is necessary to improve the behavioral outcomes. There is no change in pAKT in the chronic ...

Gary Landreth on Cytokine Takes Aβ Off the Menu for Microglia

COMMENT There is considerable confusion over the roles of neuroinflammation in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. The complementary studies of Chakrabarty et al. and Guillot-Sestier et al. have shed new light, but not ...

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