Samir Kumar-Singh on Meet the First Published TDP-43 Mouse

COMMENT This study elegantly gives a first insight on a transgenic mouse model of mutant TDP-43 (A315T) identified in familial ALS patients. For those in the field, it is clear that generating these mouse models is a mammoth task on its own. Among the many ...

Samir Kumar-Singh on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT Closing Comment I think the reviews and commentaries posted on this Forum Discussion reflect a nice balance. They should prompt us, without excluding Aβ42, to consider Aβ-independent mechanisms that might be coactive or act synergistically with Aβ to ...

Samir Kumar-Singh on Amyloid-β—On or off the Wall?

COMMENT Regarding Dr. D’Andrea’s remarks, we studied only ThS-positive “dense” plaques and not diffuse plaques, as also suggested by the title “Dense-core plaques in Tg2576 and PSAPP mouse models of Alzheimer disease are centered on vessel walls.” Within the text ...

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