Dora M. Kovacs on A Better GRIP on the Aβ-Lipid Connection

COMMENT A wealth of cellular and animal studies indicates that cholesterol regulates Aβ generation. Use of statins is currently being explored as a safe and available strategy that may help protect against Alzheimer disease. While awaiting the outcome of large ...

Dora M. Kovacs on Caught in the Act: NPC1 Found to Bind Cholesterol

COMMENT This is an interesting paper in the cholesterol field. I can only agree with Tobias and Inez Vincent that the identification of the NPC1 sterol-sensing domain as a possible binding site for cholesterol may lead to new clues for protein-lipid interactions. ...

Dora M. Kovacs on BACE Goes Rafting after APP

COMMENT Increasing evidence from biochemical, epidemiological, and genetic studies links cholesterol levels to Aβ production and the onset of AD pathology. Total cellular cholesterol can regulate Aβ generation, as evidenced by decreased Aβ levels in cells treated ...

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