Alexei Koudinov on A Better GRIP on the Aβ-Lipid Connection

COMMENT We appreciate the interesting study by Hartmann and colleagues. A decade ago we reported that Aβ peptides modulate the cholesterol esterification rate (1). We later showed that Aβ modulates the metabolism of cholesterol and phospholipids (2-4). We studied ...

Alexei Koudinov on Naproxen/Rofecoxib Trial Results Published

COMMENT NSAIDS, ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND PUBLIC CITIZEN With regard to this news item please see my Open letter to Public Citizen's Health Research Group on Alzheimer's disease research. Science SAGE KE (21 Feb., 2003) [Full Text]; BMJ (27 Feb., ...

Alexei Koudinov on Does Aβ Normally Rein in Excited Synapses?

COMMENT A WAR ON ALZHEIMER'S: AMYLOID DOGMA ATTACKED AT ANOTHER FRONT This is great must read report that discusses normal physiologic role for amyloid beta and adds to the expanding failure of Alzheimer's amyloid dogma (Br Med J, 23 March 2003) at the ...

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