Erik Jansson on New Role for Akt as Regulator of Tau Degradation

COMMENT This is an interesting paper. Of additional relevance is the role of aluminum, usually neglected, in the obstruction of tau degradation. Walton recently demonstrated in a rat model that aluminum inhibited activity of PP2A. PP2A is the major phosphate ...

Erik Jansson on Aβ40—The Anti-Amyloid?

COMMENT This paper seems to skirt many years of autopsy studies finding that the senile plaques have marginal statistical capacity to distinguish normal from AD patients, such as Davis et al., 1999. Also in 1999, Lue et al. concluded that soluble Aβ posed the ...

Erik Jansson on Aβ Assault on Neurons Targets ER, Calcium

COMMENT The research community appears to play with half a deck of cards by ignoring the role of metals, particularly aluminum in co-causation of Alzheimer dementia. Ghribi et al., in a series of studies, investigated the effect of aluminum on the endoplasmic ...

Erik Jansson on Mediterranean Diet Slims Down Risk of AD

COMMENT An interesting conclusion of the study is that the overall dietary pattern should have a greater effect on health than a single nutrient. The findings would suggest that while difficult to treat, AD may be significantly preventable in the U.S. (1). Colin ...

Erik Jansson on Sorrento Secretase News: Baiting β, Awakening α

COMMENT One effective way to enhance adequate functioning of the α-secretase, which is zinc-based, may be to maintain normal zinc serum levels. Tully from the Nun Study found that normal fasting serum zinc, measured one year before death, showed moderate to ...

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