Ruth Itzhaki on New Data Questions Herpes-Alzheimer’s Connection

COMMENT I must challenge the statement “New data across several studies weaken the proposed, and much-debated, association” of virus–Alzheimer’s, as the score is now about several hundred for strengthening the association and about 5 for weakening it. The Schnier ...

Ruth Itzhaki on When Host Proteins Coat Virus, Amyloid Fibrils Form

COMMENT I would like to stress how novel and intriguing the findings by Ezzat et al. are, introducing a completely new aspect of viral interaction with host cells. It will be most interesting if the authors find how the corona influences extracellular spread of ...

Ruth Itzhaki on On The Docket at AD/PD: The Many Crimes of ApoE4

COMMENT APOE-ε4 is certainly not always the villain, although it is so in relation to HSV1 and AD and to herpes labialis, and to HSV2 in the case of genital herpes. It can be the hero in other diseases. A case in point is its protective action against damage ...

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