Greg Hook on Exosomes Divulge Lysosomal Unrest, Signal AD?

COMMENT Goetzl et al. show that Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia patients have differences in biomarkers located within blood exosomes secreted by brain neuronal cells. These biomarker differences could potentially become diagnostic for these ...

Greg Hook on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT Practical innovation usually arises through small, entrepreneurial firms willing to take the risk of developing a new approach. As a result of the investment made in NIH, the U.S. is the world's leader in basic biomedical research. The Small Business ...

Greg Hook on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT As a patent attorney, I would require the "prior art" to be enabled. Now, a throwaway statement in prior art for using a compound without teaching how to do that is presumed "enabled" in patent law. But if the prior art had to actually ...

Greg Hook on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT Extend the exclusive use provision of the FDA Orphan Drug Act (ODA) to AD drugs. When a new mechanism of drug action is hypothesized as potentially effective, old compounds, which affect that mechanism and are safe to use, are often the best candidates ...

Greg Hook on Leon Thal Symposium Webinar

COMMENT The primary impediment to small firms entering the Alzheimer disease drug development market is lack of private funds. Called the "Valley of Death," the space between basic research and clinical trials lacks private funds because of the ...

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