David Holtzman on Forget Typical Alzheimer's: AI Finds Four Types.

COMMENT In this very nice work Vogel, Hansson, and colleagues found that in a large number of individuals with underlying AD pathology, four general patterns of tau pathology were observed based on tau-PET scans. These patterns were linked closely to the four ...

David Holtzman on Biogen/Eisai Halt Phase 3 Aducanumab Trials

COMMENT Since the interim analysis prompted the decision and they said no safety issues, it implies there was not enough slowing of cognitive decline. It will be difficult to comment in detail until the data are revealed. However, even though this trial was in ...

David Holtzman on Rocking Improves Sleep and Memory in Adults

COMMENT I found both of these papers fascinating. It is convincing that rocking in the young adult humans assessed increased NREM sleep, particularly stage 3, which is where the most slow-wave activity occurs. It also increased slow-wave oscillations and fast ...

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