Tobias Hartmann on Cholesterol Greases the Aβ Aggregation Machine

COMMENT These are very helpful results to better understand how cholesterol may impact formation of toxic oligomers. We know about many links between cholesterol and AD, most of which support a risk-increasing role. Cholesterol is extremely abundant in the human ...

Tobias Hartmann on Statins—New Data Suggest Benefits for AD/PD

COMMENT The Percival Effect Ben Wolozin did it again. Whenever he and his colleagues turn to statins and epidemiology something unexpected happens. The data by themselves are stunning. Stunning because of the enormous sample size, stunning because of the extreme ...

Tobias Hartmann on AβPP Processing—Limping Along on Lipases

COMMENT Aβ generation strongly depends on lipids. First of all, APP is a membrane protein, defining its most proximate neighboring molecules; second, substrate turnover of the secretases is regulated by membrane lipid composition; and third, Aβ peptides are ...

Tobias Hartmann on Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published

COMMENT Just a quick note on dosing in the statin studies. The Simons study used 80 mg simvastatin; 40 mg were used for the first month, then patients were put to 80 mg. One reason for doing this was that at the time the study was initiated, the use of 80 mg ...

Tobias Hartmann on Atorvastatin, Vaccine Trial Data Published

COMMENT In response to the paper by Sparks et al.: Recently, several studies reported an absence of noticeable effects on cognition in treated AD patients. All of these studies had as a common denominator the use of low or moderate statin dosages, and for most of ...

Tobias Hartmann on Statins and AD—What Role Isoprenoids?

COMMENT This excellent paper very elegantly untangled the differential and independent mechanisms by which Ab production is affected by isoprenoids and cholesterol. Unfortunately, the above discussion whether statin treatment in humans could increase ...

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