Elena Galea on Hot DAM: Specific Microglia Engulf Plaques

COMMENT The existence of plaque-associated microglia as a distinct molecular entity was previously documented by the labs of Elly Hol and Javier Vitorica. The current paper is a very elegant dissection and analysis of microglia subtypes, but there is no ...

Elena Galea on Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic AD Trial

COMMENT If one defines "AD prevention" broadly, then there already has been a recent prevention trial using biomarkers, namely, one led by Bruno Dubois of donepezil in people who met the new diagnostic criteria for prodromal AD. While the trial differs ...

Elena Galea on More on TGF-β—Can It Protect against AD?

COMMENT Regarding the paradoxical actions of TGFβ in brain, where the factor appears to be either protective against neuronal degeneration, as reported in this study, or deleterious, promoting inflammation, hydrocephalus, and vascular fibrosis and amyloidosis, ...

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