Jürgen Götz on Islands of Tau Coat and Protect Cytoskeleton

COMMENT Both studies elegantly identify novel interactions between tau and microtubules (MTs) in a physiological setting, either in regulating tau condensation or in protecting MTs from depolymerizing. I have been reminded of a paper from the Safinya lab on the ...

Jürgen Götz on Tau Stymies Transport Through Neuron’s Nucleus

COMMENT I really liked this study, which elegantly combines work in human and transgenic tissue, in vitro and in primary cultures. The human brain and doxycycline rescue experiments in rTg4510 mice are especially compelling. I think the question (admittedly a ...

Jürgen Götz on New Role For PICALM: Flushing Aβ From the Brain

COMMENT This is a nice study illustrating the point that assisting in the clearance of Aβ, in addition to preventing its formation, presents a suitable avenue for therapeutic interventions. Together with a study we have published recently (Leinenga and Götz, 2015 ...

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