Curtis Dobson on Coregistration of quantitative proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with neuropathological and neurophysiological analyses defines the extent of neuronal impairments in murine human immunodeficiency virus type-1 encephalitis.

COMMENT The seeming paradox that human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-associated dementia (HAD) occurs in the absence of virus infection of neuronal cells has long been known. The presumed cause of neuronal impairment is a bystander-type effect due to ...

Curtis Dobson on Herpes and AD—Virus Hitches Ride with APP

COMMENT The paper by Satpute-Krishnan et al. links the seemingly disparate worlds of amyloid and herpesviruses via the more neutral domain of the giant axon of the squid—the fons et origo of our knowledge about nerve conduction/impulses. The aim was to ...

Curtis Dobson on The Alzheimer's Vaccination Story, Continued

COMMENT We would like to add just two points—on aetiological and therapeutic rather than immunological aspects—to those of Robinson et al. Firstly, the paper by Hock et al. refers in the discussion to patients who developed "aseptic meningoencephalitis." ...

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