Bart De Strooper on Semagacestat, a Pseudo γ-Secretase Inhibitor?

COMMENT This paper in Cell Reports is a wake-up call for the field. It should revive interest in the γ-secretases, a field in Alzheimer’s research that got a severe blow some years ago when the failure of the semagacestat trial was announced (Doody et al., 2013). ...

Bart De Strooper on Aβ Oligomers Purified from Human Brain

COMMENT I hope that there are "clothes for this new emperor" (see Benilova et al., 2012). To the best of my knowledge, it remains a challenge to isolate a non-covalent oligomeric structure, as every technique may affect such assemblies. I very much look ...

Bart De Strooper on A Secretase Complex Built for Two

COMMENT The paper of Chen and co-authors is highly interesting, supporting the concept that γ-secretases interact with α- and β-secretases and that the enzymes are clustered in specific subdomains in the cellular membranes. It remains to be sorted out to what ...

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