Bart De Strooper on Aducanumab Approval Sparks Backlash

COMMENT The experiments supporting aducanumab were, admittedly, inconclusive regarding its clinical benefit. The FDA points out, however, that the biomarker (amyloid plaques) was convincingly targeted, and this made the FDA believe that the positive clinical ...

Bart De Strooper on Semagacestat, a Pseudo γ-Secretase Inhibitor?

COMMENT This paper in Cell Reports is a wake-up call for the field. It should revive interest in the γ-secretases, a field in Alzheimer’s research that got a severe blow some years ago when the failure of the semagacestat trial was announced (Doody et al., 2013). ...

Bart De Strooper on Aβ Oligomers Purified from Human Brain

COMMENT I hope that there are "clothes for this new emperor" (see Benilova et al., 2012). To the best of my knowledge, it remains a challenge to isolate a non-covalent oligomeric structure, as every technique may affect such assemblies. I very much look ...

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