Peter Davies on Tau Aggregates Awaken Genetic Relics in the Brain

COMMENT I first heard of the idea of transposon mobilization in human brain disease from Joshua Dubnau, then at Cold Spring Harbor. Josh and his colleagues published a paper providing evidence for activation of transposable elements in association with TDP ...

Peter Davies on A Tribute to Robert Katzman

COMMENT I was lucky enough to work with the two giants of the Alzheimer disease field in the early days (1977-1982), Robert Katzman and Robert D. Terry. What an environment that was for a young scientist! Between them, Bob and Bob knew everything there was to ...

Peter Davies on Spinal Taps for Tau Tests

COMMENT The ability to accurately identify patients with MCI who will progress to AD would be a great asset to clinical trials of drugs designed to reduce rates of progression of the disease. There is already evidence that phosphorylated tau appears in the CSF of ...

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