Marco Colonna on The Human Brain Hosts a Menagerie of Microglia

COMMENT Several studies have unveiled an important phenotypic heterogeneity of mouse microglia. Yet our understanding of the human microglia is limited, especially because of the technical difficulties to obtaining fresh brain tissues from human donors. ...

Marco Colonna, Simone Brioschi on Are Microglia Plaque Factories?

COMMENT This latest work from Kim Green’s laboratory shows that prolonged microglia depletion in 5xFAD mice (a common mouse model for AD) greatly reduces plaque formation, thus confirming recent findings by another group (Sosna et al., 2018). Notably, this ...

Marco Colonna on Does Soluble TREM2 Rile Up Microglia?

COMMENT The article represents a potentially interesting finding regarding the role of sTREM2 in triggering microglial activation. Although it is known that there is an increase in sTREM2 in many disease states, the role that sTREM2 plays is still relatively ...

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