Ming Chen on Presenilin Loss of Function—Plan B for AD?

COMMENT A Ca2+ Channel Model for Presenilin (PS) Shen and Kelleher raised a critical question for presenilin (PS) mutations by suggesting a loss-of-function model. I think this model is long overdue. We know most gene mutations cause human diseases by loss of ...

Ming Chen on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT Clarification of the confusing terms such as Aβ, βA, APP, βAPP or AβPP will help the field if they can be standardized. But here, I would like to reiterate the key importance of another "nomenclature" problem, i.e., "Alzheimer's ...

Ming Chen on Nomenclature Discussion

COMMENT Question: Are Alzheimer's Disease and "Senile Dementia" the Same Disease? This perhaps is the most important "nomenclature" problem. AD used to refer to "pre-senile" dementia (PSD; middle age dementia). This name clearly ...

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